iApply works closely with its community of students

We Guide you at Every Step

iApply works closely with its community of students, offering a range of services from program recommendation to visa assistance

Over the last several years, we've refined our processes continuously to ensure a smooth and breeze-through experience for students around the world, leveraging technology in every way possible. We realize that every individual is unique and is surrounded by a different set of circumstances so providing a personal touch to deliver custom-made solutions is our top priority.


With countless students being part of our community, providing important information in a simplified manner along with personalized guidance is our top priority. We strongly believe that improving access to quality education is our moral responsibility
For the same, iApply brings to students a diverse set of programs to choose from

How We Help?


Pick the right program

With 23 years of experience, we'll help you shortlist courses that will build you for the career you want



With the right technology, we'll enable you to make multiple applications to several institutions from the ease of your phone.


Communicate With Institutes

We communicate with colleges on your behalf to track your application so that you can focus on preparing for your degree.


Visa Guidance

Securing a Visa is a crucial aspect of the entire process. With a 95% visa approval rate, you can count on our expertise & know that we'll get your there.


Pre-Departure Assistance

From preparing finances to packing essentials & stepping onboard the flight, we'll be there for you on every step of the way.

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